Kiswah of Kabbah Shareef
Kiswah of Kabbah Shareef
Kiswah of Kabbah Shareef
Kiswah of Kabbah Shareef
Kiswah of Kabbah Shareef
Kiswah of Kabbah Shareef

Kiswah of Kabbah Shareef

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This unique and beautiful ornamental design by Farjo Gold features the gate of Muslims’ holy city; Mecca.

All the details on this artwork are handmade and the gate features 24 karat gold plating.

The gate of Meccai is a symbol of unity, patience, and humility for us the Muslims. Every time you look at it, the Gate will remind you the Prophet’s modesty when he entered the city after Mecca’s conquest and His compassion for the habitants of the city. It also reminds us the patience of the ummah during the years they were exiled and tells us “With every hardship, comes ease.”"

Why choose Farjo?

Real 24 Karat Gold Plated islamic art like you never seen before...

The dream came true! The masterpieces of the royal palaces are now in your hands, the most beautiful collections of Islamic art and handcrafted creations are available for purchase now!

What Our Clients Say:

I am amazed by the beauty and quality of your art! I have bought 2 for my home and another one as a gift to my father. All arrived on time and looks amazing. Will order more from you in future. Bless you for your art.

Abdul Zahra, United Arab Emirates

This is the most beautiful and unique Islamic Art I have ever seen. I get so many compliments and all my friends want to buy one as well now. Looking on this art every day fills my heart with joy. God bless you!

Aya .R, United Kingdom

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Frequently asked Questions

What are we selling?
This page is offering you a very unique physical wall art for your home or office decoration. Exclusive model limited edition in real 24 Karat gold coating. You can own this art piece by making and order today.
Is this made from real gold?
Yes, We create all our art handmade in a very unique process using real 24K gold. You can read more about in the "About The Gold" page.
Do you offer product guarantee?
Absolutely! We give each one of our clients 100% lifetime warranty. This comes with VIP service to assist you in any part of the way.
How long is the shipping takes?
Once your order has been received we will immediately start the process of manufacturing. After your order is completed we will ship it to your home.. You can expect getting your Farjo in less than 21 working days.
Can I make a custom order?
Yes! We can create anything you want on a gold plate and make it in any size you want! Please contact our sales for more information