About the frames

A good art frame should reflect upon the art it holds. A frame needs to strike a balance. On the one hand it shouldn’t be too eye-catching so that it diverts you from the art itself. On the other hand, luxurious art needs to be held in a luxurious frame. It is with that in mind that we make our frames at Farjo.

Like everything else here at Farjo, our frames are made with meticulous attention to details. We regard our frames as an extension of our art - therefore we make them by hand with the same attentiveness as we do our gold plates. Our artists examine even the tiniest detail of the framework, so that the finished frame is just as perfect and refined as the gold it holds.

Farjo puts a big emphasis on choosing the right materials, so that the overall quality of the product is as high as possible. This includes the materials of our frames, which are high-quality, enduring and strong. One of the reasons we cherish gold as much as we do is its endurance and longevity. In Farjo we strive to bring that same endurance and longevity to our products – Not only when it comes to the art, but also when it comes to the framework. We can assure you that our high-quality frames will protect your art for many years to come, they will retain their refinement and won’t require any further maintenance.

"Here at Farjo, Our frames are beautiful, high-quality, enduring and strong that will last for years to come."

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