About the gold

For the entirety of human history, gold was the one metal that stood above all others. Its exclusivity, its beauty and its endurance all contributed to making gold almost synonymous with wealth and luxury. Gold’s chemical attributes set it apart, it is an extremely non-reactive chemical, meaning it can be found in its pure form in nature. This also means that gold does not oxidize in contact with air and water as much as other metals do - gold jewelry, coins or decorations from hundreds of years ago can still retain their signature shine.

The metals we use here at Farjo – combining 24 karat gold, white gold, and silver coating, are of the finest quality. The combination of these different metals alongside the gold cutting technique developed at Farjo allows us to create intricate designs containing slight differences in color and in textures – including matt and shiny finishing. The art created at Farjo strives towards perfection in the minutest detail and in the coming together of the finished masterpiece, none of which would be possible without our high-quality metal or leading technique.

Farjo’s Islamic art brings together the splendor and exclusivity of gold along with the divinity and significance of religious themes. We believe any one of our numerous, hand-made, unique products is sure to light up a room, and fill the hearts of its observers. Each artwork we produce is unique and therefore can be designed specifically according to your chosen size, shape and preferred depiction. We make our products with complete confidence that they will stand the test of time, our gold will shine with the same luxurious gleam for a lifetime. We promise you this, and offer a lifelong warranty on our products, so that you can be as sure as we are of their long-lasting quality.

"Here at Farjo, We process the highest quality of gold to provide you the most outstanding Islamic art possible."