About the process

Here at Farjo we are proud to craft our art by hand in a unique technique that enables us to create intricate and precise details in gold. Our process includes the leading techniques in gold crafting, lending our products fineness that simply cannot be achieved otherwise. Everything we do here is done by hand by professionals who handle each crevice, each edge with utmost care, not one machine is involved from start to finish. All our products undergo a gold-stamping process that was invented is Farjo and is unique in the industry. Farjo is the only company offering gold plates cut and shaped in this particular manner – and indeed this is what enables us to bring forth extraordinary, unmatched detail and refinement.

The process in which we prepare the gold itself ensures that the metal is strong and can withstand heat, changing temperatures, humidity and the trials of time. We feel sure our golden art will not fade, stain or bend as time goes by. Indeed, Farjo offers you lifelong warranty on your unique product.

Under the golden plates, is a layer of luxurious velvet. The velvet, like the gold, it chosen meticulously and in accordance with your color preference. After we carefully craft and cut the gold, we place the finished plate on the high-quality velvet. The gold is glued to the velvet slowly by our trusted artists, so that the connection is seamless. The piece is cleaned – first with air pressure and then with a special cloth, so that our gold has that extra shine. At last the product is finished, the gold is framed and covered carefully with a sheet of glass.

The process through which we make our art is built around attention to details – this can be seen in the cutting of the gold, the choosing of the fabric and even in the packing of the finished product. We keep the art safe inside high-quality packing so that it can reach you safely, no matter how long the journey.