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Farjo – Islamic art at its best

Farjo is a world leading company in the field of producing and marketing Islamic art and jewelry. We specialize in authentic art works, interlaced with gold and silver, eye catching in design and of prime quality. Our products are marketed around the world, with thousands of customers in over 40 countries, mostly Arab and European nations. For years, Farjo has been a synonym of exquisite Islamic art, offering a wide variety of beautiful, unique items, each one being a perfect work of art in itself.

A history of top value art

Farjo was founded as a company in the year 2000 by Mohammad Hassan Faraj, a Syrian-born artist, son to a family that specialized for generations in the art of Islamic calligraphy. Finishing his education in the Damascus school of art, he specialized in Islamic art, whose secrets he knew since childhood, and was able to authentically include a touch of innovation, creating the perfect combination for our times. Today, Faraj's reputation precedes him as an international leading artist in his area. His marvelous jewelry and unique works of art are of high demand worldwide, giving joy to many, many people.

The Farjo products – uncompromising beauty and quality

At Farjo, our jewelry and art are handmade. Each product in a boutique item, unique with no second, meticulously made with personal care and high effort. We use materials of the highest quality and utilize the most advanced manufacturing process in order to reach the perfect, quality result that is each one of Farjo's elite items.

Our products integrate 24 karat gold, white gold and silver coatings. We produce the gold in a special process, which gives our items durability that lasts for years, including conditions such as heat, moisture and temperature changes. With that in mind, we give lifelong full guarantee for our gold.

The luxury virtual store – is open for you

Farjo's virtual store was setup to give proper answer to the high demand for our elite items. In it you can find the perfect gifts, fitting for every person close to you heart and dignifying every important event. Our rich collection includes jewelry, scriptures, pictures, albums, clocks, jewelry boxes and much more. Farjo's user-friendly store allows you, our customers, to purchase our products in the easiest, most convenient way. You can comfortably select every desirable item that answers your needs, receive it in no time, and enjoy it forever.

For all its prestige – you too deserve Farjo

Farjo - 100% Sharia Compliant Business

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